What is Centering Pregnancy?



Centering Pregnancy is prenatal care that combines the physical assessment with time for discussion and learning about pregnancy, birth and babies.  Most importantly, Centering is patient centered & FUN!

Why is Centering Pregnancy so special?

*You will meet with other women with due dates similar to yours. 

*You will know when all your appointments are for a few months in advance. 

*The 90 minute session starts and ends on time.

*You will get to know your practitioner, nurse, or doctor really well.

When Does the Group Meet?



*Group starts when you are 14-18 weeks pregnant and continues through early postpartum.  You will have your initial physical exam and intake before you join the group.

*During the first four months, the group will meet once a month.  Then the sessions are every other week as pregnancy progresses.

*The time you come will depend which group you are in.  A staff member will tell you when your group will meet.

Who Can Join Centering?



*Groups are for any woman who wants to learn more about her pregnancy and wants to meet other women who are pregnant.

*Groups are led by health care practitioners who work in this setting.

*Groups fill up quickly so you should let our staff know as soon as possible when you are ready to join a group.

Wer're centering, Are YOu?