Congratulations! You're Pregnant


This section is an overview of the stages of pregnancy highlighting our philosophy of total wellness for you and your baby.  We believe that every pregnancy is unique.  We will work with you to meet individual needs to provide optimal care during your pregnancy.  

Our providers work as a team with a rotating on-call schedule for hospital coverage. Our in office and on-call providers treat their patients in a similar manner. The advantage of our on-call system is that there is always a provider at the hospital for coverage and readily available. We recommend meeting each of our delivering providers in office. There are also times where our office shares cross coverage with Dr. Sara Quinn, so there is a small chance she too could deliver your baby.

Baby’s Due Date; also known as EDC or EDD. Please remember that this is only an estimate, not a guarantee. Most women deliver up to 2 weeks prior or after their due date. An average pregnancy is considered full term at 280 days or 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP).

Calling our office with Concerns or Questions:

If you’re experiencing a concern, urgent matter, or problem during business hours please contact our office. You will speak with our front desk who will take a message and forward it to our triage department. A nurse will call you back and get further details. Our nurses typically can answer your questions, and if necessary, they will forward your question or concern to a provider and we will contact you back.

A provider is on call 24 hours a day. And can be reached by calling our office. You will leave a message with the answering service and the on-call provider will call you back as soon as they can. Please limit after hours calls to true emergencies and urgent concerns.

No matter which time of day you call, please give the following information:

-Your name (not who is placing the call)

-Your due date/How many weeks you are

-A specific description of the problem you’re experiencing at that time.

Have a pencil and paper ready when you call. And try to remember to write down what you are advised to do. Many phone calls are made when you’re feeling stressed or nervous and instructions can be misunderstood under duress.

Imagine a Mother 

( a poem by Patricia Lynn Reilly)

Imagine a mother who believes she belongs in the world. A mother who celebrates her own life. Who is glad to be alive.

Imagine a mother who celebrates the birth of her daughters.  A mother who believes in the goodness of her daughters.  Who nurtures their wisdom.  Who cultivates their power.

Imagine a mother who celebrates the birth of her sons.  A mother who believes in the goodness of her sons.  Who nurtures their kindness.  Who honors their tears.

Imagine a mother who turns toward herself with interest.  A mother who acknowledges her own feelings and thoughts.  Whose capacity to be available to her family deepens as she is available to herself.

Imagine a mother who is aware of her own needs and desires.  A mother who meets them with tenderness and grace.  Who enlists the support of respectful friends and chosen family.

Imagine a mother who lives in harmony with her heart.  A mother who trusts her impulses to expand and contract.  Who knows that everything changes in the fullness of time.

Imagine a mother who embodies her spirituality.  A mother who honors her body as the sacred temple of the spirit of life.  Who breathes deeply as a prayer of gratitude for life itself.

Imagine a mother who values the women in her life.  A mother who finds comfort in the company of women.  Who sets aside time to replenish her woman-spirit.

Imagine yourself as this mother.