Second Trimester


The second trimester of pregnancy lasts until the seventh month.  It is often the most enjoyable stage of pregnancy as most women will start to regain some of their energy.  During this stage many exciting things happen.  You will notice your stomach growing.  Morning sickness typically lessens, and you will begin to feel the baby move.

18-26 Weeks: You will be scheduled for your anatomy sonogram. At this time the baby’s entire anatomy will be evaluated via ultrasound. Also, provided the baby is cooperating, you may find out their gender as well. This is a good time to schedule your prenatal classes with the hospital if you are interested in attending them. You will be given a hospital pre-registration form at this visit, you can fill it out and bring it back to our office to be faxed, or it can also be completed online. This is also the time to consider if you will breast or bottle feed. Also if you would like to circumcise your male infant. And post partum birth control.

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