Staying fit in pregnancy

 Swimming: Swimming keeps your body toned without weight and stress on your joints.

Walking: Walking is beneficial and safe on the body. It can be easier on your knees than running. Start slow, remember to stretch, wear good comfortable shoes, and set realistic goals.

Running/Jogging: If you have a habit of running or jogging it is ok to continue with your current regimen. However, if you are not in the habit of doing so, during pregnancy is not a good time to start a new exercise regime. Make sure to stay well hydrated and know your limits.

Bicycling: Biking can be more comfortable as it is less stress on the body, the bike is supporting your weight. However, be mindful that as you grow, your center of gravity can shift and pose a risk of falling. Ideally a stationary bike is optimal for biking during pregnancy.

Yoga: Most forms of yoga will be safe for you and your baby. It is helpful to know the class you’re attending and informing the instructor that you are pregnant. See if there are modifications. And try to avoid hot yoga, to avoid overheating and dehydration.  Some yoga studios offer yoga for pregnancy. Avoid lying flat on your back and try not to over stretch.

Aerobics: If you already participate in an aerobics program you will most likely be able to continue. Taking a class that is specifically for pregnant women is ideal. Avoid exercises where you lay flat on your back, or over stretch. Remember to stay hydrated and listen to your body.

Dancing: Dancing is an exercise that can be done anywhere at any time. As long as moves like spinning, leaping, and jumping are avoided or kept to a minimum you’re clear to dance.

Exercises to Avoid: Skiing, Water Skiing, CrossFit and Horseback Riding.

Should you experience the following stop immediately and call our office:

Vaginal Bleeding

Shortness of Breath




Lightheadedness or Feeling Faint



-Wear a good supportive sports bra

-Wear good supportive non-slip shoes

-Stay well hydrated


-Keep your heart rate under 160 BPM

-Avoid lying on your back and doing 

anything with jerking motions.

-Listen to your body and know your limits! If something feels like you’re pushing yourself stop immediately.