First Trimester


First Trimester

The first trimester of pregnancy lasts for 12 weeks.  During this stage of pregnancy you may experience morning sickness, weight gain, fatigue or emotional swings.  

See the timeline below for more about what to expect in the first trimester. 

6-8 Weeks: You will be scheduled for what is known as an “Amenorrhea” appointment. This is an appointment that will confirm that you have not had a period due to pregnancy. Typically, due date is determined at that time. We will also review your chart in its entirety for accuracy.

10-12 Weeks: Your first office visit as an OB patient. It will include a full GYN exam, including cultures and blood work. May also include a pap smear if you have not had one.  At this appointment genetic testing will be offered and discussed as well. That testing is elective, and therefore, is up to you and your partner if you would like it. The nurses and providers can provide more information regarding this upon request.  From this point until 28 weeks you will be seen once every 4 weeks, unless your risk level is altered, at which point a provider will discuss with you.

Currently we use Natera for our Genetic testing, unless you have specific risk factors or are interested in alternative testing.  In which case, this should be discussed with a provider at your visit. 

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